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"A Good Paddle is
Hard to Find"

Paddle length is a subjective thing - if we take to heart ideas that have 'trickled' down from the biomechanics of canoe and kayak racing we can offer guide lines. For recreational paddling, unless you are petite or over 6'2'', we recommend a 57

Canoe Paddles

These paddles are sculpted by long-time artisans of paddlecraft. Subtle details make these paddles perform as they should.
Lengths available:
48", 54", 57", 60", 63"

A. Spruce Goose lightweight, round shaft, economical. Blade: 18" x 6"

B. Spruce & Cherry well balanced, attractive, a serious value. Blade: 20"x 6.5"

C. Maine Guide Beavertail rugged maple, round tip, smooth performance. Blade: 19"x 6.5"

D. Maine Guide rugged maple, square tip, extra blade area. Blade: 19" x 6.5"

E. Ottertail gorgeous one-piece cherry, light, durable, ideal for lake excursions. Blade: 22" x 6.5"

F. Ash Beavertail traditional one-piece ash, a favorite for generations, complements cedar canoes. Blade: 20" x 7"

G. Class III laminated spruce and cherry, broad blade, resin tip, ideal for whitewater paddling. Blade: 17" X 8"

H. Paddlesport Canoe T-grip, aluminum shaft, rugged plastic blade. Blade: 15" x 7.5"

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